Breeding Farm Chinchillas RATON Agnieszka Baranowska

Breeding Farm Chinchillas-RATON 20 years at the forefront of livestock farms in Poland and in Europe.

• Premium chinchilla breeding – standard and black velvet
• Over 100 Champions exhibitions of national and international
• Best bet chinchillas XXVIII KWZH Polagra, 2017
• the Best Farm in option Standard IV European Exhibition of Chinchillas, 2017
• Best bet chinchilla - best breeder 2013, 2014
• Regular sale leather
• Equipment farms, chinchillas and rabbits – cages, waterers, equipment for animal husbandry.

- chinchilla Black Velvet – the champion of the XXVIII KWZH Polagra, 2017

- chinchilla standard xx-dark

- chinchilla standard

- Extra Dark Standard champion IV European Exhibition of Chinchillas, 2017

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